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如果你在德州的一次事故中严重受伤, 相信是另一个人干的, 那你应该找我们的重伤律师谈谈. We are highly experienced in handling personal injury cases involving various degrees of harm. From moderate injuries that our clients will fully recover from to catastrophic injuries that leave our clients permanently disabled, 我们知道成功需要什么.




    不管你受到了怎样的伤害, the attorneys at 贝谷姆法律集团伤害律师 will fight hard for you recover the maximum amount of compensation. 如果你遭受了严重或灾难性的伤害,我们的 德州人身伤害律师 pay particular attention to how your future has been affected and the expenses you will accrue. 我们将努力确保您的任何损失都不会被忽视.

    讨论如何 法律的巨人 能帮助你面对严重受伤的挑战吗, 联系Begum法律团体伤害律师 . 你也可以 在网上沙巴体育外围 安排一次免费的,无风险的咨询.

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    受伤后,你可能会想,你是否遭受了 严重伤害. 中度和严重伤害之间的区别是什么? 严重伤害和灾难性伤害之间的区别是什么?


    如果你受的伤符合这个定义, 会毫不犹豫地向Begum法律集团伤害律师寻求帮助吗.


    对于灾难性伤害还没有一个明确的法律定义. 然而, these are typically significant enough to alter your life and future permanently. 他们会让你残疾, 更短的寿命, 生活质量下降, 和/或需要持续的医疗治疗. 如果你在事故中受了重伤, 你可能需要终身护理, 而且你不太可能去工作.

    A significant injury to your spine, spinal cord, or brain is considered catastrophic. 一个或多个肢体的截肢也可能是灾难性的, 这取决于你照顾自己和工作的能力.

    After suffering a disabling injury, call a 严重伤害 attorney at 贝谷姆法律集团伤害律师. 我们将仔细审查你的情况,并告知你的权利. 如果有证据表明你的伤是别人造成的, 然后我们可以指导你进行赔偿.


    After reviewing the definitions of serious and catastrophic injuries in Texas, 你可能还不确定你所受的伤的程度. Whatever the type or degree of your injury, we recommend calling a 严重伤害 lawyer for help. 我们的律师会仔细分析你的情况, including through reviewing your medical records and talking with you about how your life has changed. 我们将仔细倾听你所遭受的伤害, and then we can advise you on whether you are suffering from a serious or catastrophic injury.

    在贝谷姆法律集团伤害律师, we are highly experienced in handling claims that involve:


    如果你在事故中撞到头, 或者你被一个物体以巨大的力量击中, then you may suffer a concussion or more serious traumatic brain injury (TBI). A TBI can force you to deal with numerous physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms. 你可能会头疼、恶心和呕吐. 你可能会在沟通上遇到麻烦. 你可能患有睡眠障碍、焦虑或抑郁. 另外, 如果你被诊断患有多次脑震荡或严重的脑外伤, 你患退行性脑疾病的风险会增加. After suffering a TBI in an accident, call a 严重伤害 lawyer right away.


    除非你出了事故,否则你永远不会意识到你的脖子有多脆弱. Then, when your neck is injured, you realize how painful and immobilizing this type of injury can be. Your spine in your neck may be injured, such as a vertebrae fracture or a herniated disk. 你也可能会遭受鞭伤, 包括拉伸和撕裂的肌肉, 韧带, 和肌腱.


    严重的事故会损伤你的脊髓, 哪些会导致广泛的身体限制. A partially severed spinal cord can result in damage to your sensory and motor nerves. 在受伤部位以下,你可能会感觉、活动或两者都减少. 部分切断的脊髓如何影响你是独一无二的. 没有两个伤口是一样的. If your spinal cord is fully severed, you will suffer paralysis from the injury site or below. In either situation, you may suffer from loss of bowel and bladder control and sexual dysfunction.


    许多人在一生中都经历过骨折. In most cases, it is a simple fracture that only needs a cast and time to heal. 然而, in a serious incident, you may suffer one or multiple complex fractures. 你可能需要一次或多次手术来修复骨折. 它可能需要几个月的时间才能痊愈,即使这样,你也可能需要物理治疗. 有些骨折从未完全愈合. 你的活动范围和/或力量可能会减弱. If you suffered a serious broken bone, call our 严重伤害 attorneys right away.


    你的一个或多个肢体或四肢可能在事故中被切断. Or, 在事故后的医疗护理中, 医生可能会被迫切除你的一只或多只手臂, 腿, 手, 或脚. 这种严重的身体伤害会极大地改变你的生活. 当你能恢复行动能力的时候, 过着正常的生活, 然后在截肢后回去工作, 这可能需要几个月或几年的时间. 实现新常态是一条漫长而艰难的道路.


    不幸的是,儿童也是重大事故的受害者. 在贝谷姆法律集团伤害律师, we handle cases in which children have suffered serious and catastrophic injuries. 在这些情况下, it is even more important to have an experienced 严重伤害 lawyer handle the claim. 当一个孩子受到伤害,它会影响到他们以后的生活. 这极大地改变了他们的潜力和未来. 我们将在结算要求中解决这一变化.


    After suffering a serious or catastrophic injury in an accident that was someone else’s fault, 你应该和律师谈谈要求赔偿的问题. 当另一个人的粗心, 鲁莽, 或者故意的不当行为会对你造成伤害, you have the right to seek compensation for your economic and non-economic injuries.

    在你追求补偿的过程中, 与有经验的严重伤害律师一起工作是很重要的. 一般来说,严重的伤害会导致更多的赔偿. 然而, you need to be able to prove that the other party is at fault and liable for your injuries. 你还得确定你的受伤程度. 你必须证明你遭受了严重的或灾难性的伤害, 并展示它是如何对你的生活产生负面影响的.

    在个人伤害索赔期间, out attorneys at 贝谷姆法律集团伤害律师 will help you obtain compensation for your:

    Following a 严重伤害, it is important that you work with an attorney who looks to the future. 你与事故相关的费用不会在几个月或一年之内结束. Your expenses will accumulate long after you receive a settlement or jury verdict in your favor. Your 严重伤害 lawyer must work with the proper experts to calculate your future expenses, 包括医疗费用和损失的收入, 在你要求适当的补偿时也要包括这些.


    你可考虑自行申索. 你可以假定保险公司会处理你的赔偿. 然而,你需要小心. 保险公司不会为你的最大利益着想. It is a big business, and it is more interested in protecting its bottom line. 它希望通过限制索赔和和解来增加利润. To protect against a wrongful denial of your claim or low-ball settlement offers, 你应该和我们的重伤律师合作.

    在贝谷姆法律集团伤害律师, we can help you during every step of the process, including:

    We will strive to settle your claim for the maximum amount possible as quickly as we can. 然而, 如果保险公司拒绝诚信谈判, 那你的案子可能要进入庭审阶段了. Most personal injury claims are resolved through settlements and do not need to go to trial. 然而,我们不怕在法庭上为你而战. 我们会在庭审中积极争取你应得的赔偿.


    在德州,你有两年时间提出人身伤害索赔. In many situations, the two-year period begins on the date you are injured in an accident.

    然而, there are various reasons why you may have longer than two years from the date you sustained your injuries to file. 延长期限的一个常见原因是发现原则. The clock does not begin to run until you know or reasonably should know that you may have a cause of action. You must have information that points to another person’s negligence before the two-year period starts.

    If you are unsure of when the clock started running and how long you have to file a serious physical injury claim, 马上打电话给我们. We will carefully review your circumstances and advise you on how long you have to file. 那要看事故发生多久了, 或者你发现了别人的疏忽, 我们会建议尽快归档.

    在德州严重受伤意味着 更高的医疗费用和开支.
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    Settlements for injury victims with legal representation compared to people who handled their own claims.



    When you are suffering from a 严重伤害, pursuing compensation is important. You may be looking at considerable medical treatments down the line, or you may need life-long care. 你需要让那个伤害你的人承担经济责任. 你也应该为你的痛苦得到补偿. 贝谷姆法律集团伤害律师 会对这一切有帮助吗. 调用 法律的巨人 at or 在线沙巴体育外围 安排初步会诊.